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Meet our new workshops on front-end and UX — on web performance, interface design, psychology and modern CSS. With Lea Verou, Harry Roberts, Stephanie Eckles, Dan Mall and so many others. Jump to all online workshops ↬

There is something magical about people from all over the world coming together, live. Camera on, mic nearby, in a comfy chair, with fingertips eagerly hitting your beloved keyboard. We’ve been so humbled to welcome over 2000 wonderful people like you in our workshops already — from Montevideo to Delhi; from Perth to Cape Town; from Austin to remote corners of Lapland.

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Meet Smashing Online Workshops: live, interactive sessions on front-end & UX.

Every attendee has their own story and experiences to share, all from the comfort of their home, and the convenience of their working space. And so we’ve just announced new dates and speakers for upcoming months. And we thought, you know, maybe you’d like to join in as well.

Just in case you are wondering: here’s what the workshops are like.

Upcoming Workshops in March–July

No pre-recorded sessions, no big picture talks. Our online workshops take place live and span multiple days across weeks. They are split into 2.5h-sessions, plus you’ll get all workshop video recordings, slides and a friendly Q&A in every session. (Ah, you can save up to 25% off with a Smashing Membershipjust sayin’!.)

Workshops in March–April

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Meet our friendly front-end & UX workshops. Boost your skills online and learn from experts — live.

Workshops in May–July

What Are Online Workshops Like?

Do you experience Zoom fatigue as well? After all, who really wants to spend more time in front of their screen? That’s exactly why we’ve designed the online workshop experience from scratch, accounting for the time needed to take in all the content, understand it and have enough time to ask just the right questions.

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In our workshops, everybody is just a slightly blurry rectangle on the screen; everybody is equal, and invited to participate.

Our online workshops take place live and span multiple days across weeks. They are split into 2.5h-sessions, and in every session there is always enough time to bring up your questions or just get a cup of tea. We don’t rush through the content, but instead try to create a welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment for everyone to have time to think, discuss and get feedback.

There are plenty of things to expect from a Smashing workshop, but the most important one is focus on practical examples and techniques. The workshops aren’t talks; they are interactive, with live conversations with attendees, sometimes with challenges, homework and team work.

Of course, you get all workshop materials and video recordings as well, so if you miss a session you can re-watch it the same day.


  • Workshops span multiple days, split in 2.5h-sessions.
  • Enough time for live Q&A every day.
  • Dozens of practical examples and techniques.
  • You’ll get all workshop materials & recordings.
  • All workshops are focused on front-end & UX.
  • Get a workshop bundle and save $250 off the price.

Thank You!

We hope that the insights from the workshops will help you improve your skills and the quality of your work. A sincere thank you for your kind, ongoing support and generosity — for being smashing, now and ever. We’d be honored to welcome you.

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