New Smashing Anthology: Smashing Book #1 – #4 (all eBooks included)

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  • New Smashing Anthology — Smashing Book 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • New Smashing Anthology — Smashing Book 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Smashing Anthology - The Mobile Book plus Smashing Book 1, 2, 3
  • New Smashing Anthology — Smashing Book 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • New Smashing Anthology — Smashing Book 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • New Smashing Anthology — Smashing Book 1, 2, 3 and 4

New Smashing Anthology: Smashing Book #1 – #4 (all eBooks included)

Quick Overview

The Smashing Anthology includes Smashing Books 1, 2, 3 and 4. The books feature best practices and innovative design techniques for Web designers and developers. They cover both basics and sophisticated tips and advice from experts of the industry. Carefully edited, reviewed and designed, these books provide everything you need to know about Web design today, and feature techniques and approaches you need to know to be ready for the future.

Get all books at once and save 20% off the price. By purchasing printed Smashing Books, you get the eBook versions for free. So you can have the printed editions on your office book shelf while the digital editions accompany you everywhere you go on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle or any other mobile device.

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$109.00 + $4.90 shipping

Full Product Description

New Perspectives On Web Design

The concept of the Smashing Book 4 is focused around practical techniques, strategies and approaches that haven't been thoroughly discussed and adopted by the community just yet. We'd like to challenge you to look beyond what's usually done.

The book will feature valuable insights into large-scale projects, adaptive interfaces, customer support, user psychology and typography. We will also uncover smart front-end strategies, obscure back-end techniques and find out what it takes to improve website performance for faster and more robust apps

Table Of Contents

We've assembled a remarkable line-up of authors for the book. All of them are well-respected designers and developers who will share their practical insights, design strategies and hands-on tools to explore the new perspectives in Web design today.

Harry Roberts Modern CSS Architecture and Front-End
Nicholas C. Zakas Writing Maintainable, Future-Friendly Code
Christian Heilmann The Vanilla Web Diet
Tim Kadlec Culture of Performance
Mat Marquis Robust, Responsible, Responsive Web Design
Addy Osmani Finding and Fixing Mobile Web Rendering Issues
Aaron Gustafson Designing Adaptive Interfaces
Paul Tero Obscure Back-end Techniques and Terminal Secrets
Marko Dugonjić The Next Steps For Web Typography
Corey Vilhauer The Two Faces of Content Strategy
Rachel Andrew Supporting Your Product
Nishant Kothary The Design of People
Christopher Murphy On Creative Spirit

Harry Roberts Nicholas C. Zakas Christian Heilmann Tim Kadlec Mat Marquis Addy Osmani Aaron Gustafson Paul Tero Marko Dugonjić Corey Vilhauer Rachel Andrew Nishant Kothary Christopher Murphy

From left to right: Harry Roberts, Nicholas C. Zakas, Christian Heilmann, Tim Kadlec, Mat Marquis, Addy Osmani, Aaron Gustafson, Paul Tero, Marko Dugonjić, Corey Vilhauer, Rachel Andrew, Nishant Kothary and Christopher Murphy

What Reviewers Say About Smashing Book #4

A few reviewers have had the chance to read the book a few days before its release, and share their views in a non-committal way. The result is very clear: the book is worthwhile. Should you get it? Yes! Let’s see why:


"Smashing Book 4 provides logical, practical, real-world examples of what’s wrong with modern sites and how to fix them. [..] I want the Web to win. But to do so, Web development has to match its age and live up to the responsibility it has earned. The book takes a big step in guiding that transition for both products and people, making it a book I would very strongly recommend for everyone involved in Web development."

Dudley Storey


"The Smashing Book 4 is excellent value for money. [...] [It's] conference quality topics in the palm of your hand, permanently committed to paper (or the medium of your choice) ready for you to consume whenever you want. The Web has grown up and The Smashing Book 4 is the perfect field guide for making and maintaining things for a future-friendly Web."

Jordan Moore

"Currently reading a preview of Smashing Book #4. Each chapter updates you on one important area of Web development and Web design which is really useful given the hectic pace seemingly every aspect of our industry is moving at. Nice to have it all distilled in one book."

Jamie Mason


"Just reading Smashing Book 4 and I can strongly recommend it. Full of practical and useful Web design stories."

Janko Jovanovic

– Approx. 498 pages, 16.5 × 24.0 cm (6.5 × 9.5 inches).
– Quality hardcover with stitched binding and a ribbon page marker.
– For both newcomers and experienced Web designers and developers.
– The eBook version is included in the printed book for free (PDF, EPUB, Kindle).
– Worldwide Shipping available.

The Smashing Book #3 — Redesign The Web (336 pages, Flexicover)

Unlike its predecessors, the new Smashing Book #3 has the main theme: Redesign. The book is a professional guide on how to redesign websites, but it also introduces a whole new mindset for progressive Web design. It challenges you to think differently about your work and will change the way you design websites forever.

Smashing Book #3

A detailed look at the business and technical side of redesign is followed by a comprehensive overview of advanced HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript techniques that you can use today. You will get useful advice on innovative UX techniques, learn about the peculiarities of mobile context in Web design and discover useful Photoshop techniques. You’ll study a practical hands-on guide to a bulletproof workflow for responsive Web design. More details about the Smashing Book #3.

Table of Contents

Elliot Jay StocksPreface: The New Era in Web Design
Paul BoagThe Business Side of Redesign
Rachel AndrewSelecting a Platform In Redesign
Aarron WalterRedesigning for Personality
Ben SchwarzJumping Into HTML5
Lea Verou, David StoreyRestyle, Recode, Reimagine With CSS3
Christian HeilmannJavaScript Rediscovered
Dmitry FadeyevRestyle, Recode, Reimagine With CSS3
Marc EdwardsDesigning for The Future, Using Photoshop
Aral BalkanMobile Considerations in UX Design: Web or Native?
Stephen HayResponsive Workflow: A Future-Friendly Approach
Andy ClarkeBecoming Fabulously Flexible: Designing Atoms and Elements

Elliot Jay StocksPaul BoagRachel AndrewBen SchwarzLea VerouDavid StoreyChristian Heilmann
Dmitry FadeyevMarc EdwardsAaron WalterAral BalkanStephen HayAndy Clarke
The authors gallery of the Smashing Book #3.

To ensure the quality of the book, every chapter of the book was thoroughly reviewed by experts in the industry such as Jon Hicks, Tab Atkins, Paul Irish, Russ Weakley, Peter-Paul Koch, Bryan Rieger, Joshua Porter, Ryan Carson, Collis Ta’eed, Elliot Jay Stocks.

336 pages.
1st edition.
Released in May 2012
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH

The Smashing Book #2 (355 pages, Hardcover)

This successor of the Smashing Book 1 shares valuable practical insight into design, usability and coding. It provides professional advice for designing mobile applications and building successful e-commerce websites, and it explains common coding mistakes and how to avoid them. You’ll explore the principles of professional design thinking and graphic design and learn how to apply psychology and game theory to create engaging user experiences. More details about the Smashing Book 2.

Smashing Book #2

Table of Contents

Smashing TeamPreface
Matt Ward and Alexander CharcharThe Principles of Great Graphic Design
Francisco InchausteVisible vs. Invisible Design
Mike RundleDesigning Mobile User Experiences
Janko JovanovicSketching, Wireframing and Prototyping
Christian HeilmannRed Flags in Web Development
Vivien AnayianThe Future of Web Typography
Christoph KolbGame Design Techniques Applied to UX Design
Susan WeinschenkWhen They Click: Psychology of Web Design
Steven BradleyDesign Patterns on E-Commerce Websites (A Study)
Smashing TeamHow to Make a Book (Like This One)
355 pages.
Released January 2011.
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH

The Smashing Book #1 (313 pages, Softcover)

The Smashing Book #1 is our bestselling printed book about best practices in modern Web design. The book shares technical tips and best practices on coding, usability and optimization and explores how to create successful user interfaces and apply marketing principles to increase conversion rates. It also shows how to get the most out of typography, color and branding so that you end up with intuitive and effective Web designs. And lastly, you will also get a peek behind the curtains of Smashing Magazine. More details about the Smashing Book 1.

Smashing Book #1

Table of Contents

Smashing TeamPreface
Dmitry FadeyevUser Interface Design In Modern Applications
Jacob Gube
Kayla Knight
The Art And Science Of CSS Layouts
Alessandro Cattaneo, Yves Peters, Jon TanWeb Typography: Rules, Guidelines And Mistakes
Andrew Maier,
David Leggett
Usability Principles For Modern Websites
Darius A Monsef IVColor Usage In Web Design and Usability
Rene SchmidtPerformance Optimization For Websites
Dmitry FadeyevDesign To Sell: Increasing Conversion Rates
Chris SpoonerHow To Turn A Site Into A Remarkable Brand
Steven SnellLearning From Experts: Interviews And Insights
Smashing TeamBehind The Curtains: The Smashing Story
313 pages.
5th edition.
Released February 2009 (5th Edition: February 2012).
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH

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