How To Create Selling E-Commerce Websites

How To Create Selling E-Commerce Websites

Designing and developing e-commerce websites is a puzzle with thousands of pieces. Not only are the layout and structure of your Web store important, but you also have to keep the user experience and conversion rates in mind. These are what, in the end, really convince your client’s customers to click that shiny “Buy now” button.


In this eBook you’ll be studying the universal principles for successful e-commerce websites, which include improving your check-out process and making your product displays more attractive. In reality, optimizing your conversion rates takes little effort. Find out how to resolve small usability issues to immense effect. Are you familiar with A/B and multivariate testing? Use them to figure out how customers respond to minimal changes in design, content structure and check-out convenience. Customers decide whether to stay on a page in just a few (milli)seconds, so you better make them count!


  • Getting Started With E-Commerce
  • 5 Universal Principles For Successful E-Commerce-Sites
  • 12 Tips for Designing an Excellent Checkout Process
  • How to Engage Customers in Your E-Commerce Website
  • Principles of Effective Search in E-Commerce Design
  • 15 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design
  • E-Commerce: Fundamentals of a Successful Re-Design
  • Improve Your E-Commerce Design With Brilliant Product Photos
  • How To Use Photos To Sell More Online
  • Design To Sell: 8 Useful Tips To Help Your Website Convert
  • 7 More Useful Tips To Help Your Site Convert
  • Optimizing Conversion Rates: Less Effort, More Customers
  • Optimizing Conversion Rates: It’s All About Usability
  • Use Conversions To Generate More Conversions
  • The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing
  • Multivariate Testing: 5 Simple Steps to Increase Conversion Rates

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  • Language: English
  • Released: December 2010
  • Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
  • ISBN: 978-3-943075-04-5

Excerpt From Chapter 1

Getting Started With E-Commerce — by Rachel Andrew

The world of online sales, whether of products or services, can be daunting at first; the options seem confusing and the information conflicted. Yet as the designer or developer of an online store, you will need to guide your client through the maze of choices in order to get it up and running. I have developed many e-commerce websites during my career as a Web developer. I’ve used and modified off-the-shelf software and have also developed custom solutions — so I know from experience that there are a number of important questions to answer before presenting possible solutions to a client. Getting all the pertinent information up front is vital if such a project is to run smoothly, and it can save you from delays during the process. It can also help you advise the client on whether they need a full custom cart or an open-source or off-the-shelf product.

Excerpt From Chapter 2

5 Universal Principles For Successful E-Commerce-Sites — by Jeffrey Olson

Just because a website is usable, does not mean customers will use it. Usability and user experience are in the same family, but more often than not user experience is the forgotten child. There are key areas in which the two must co-exist. Below are suggestions for some areas here websites should spend as much, if not more time, on the user experience.

Making sure your headers, sub-headings and body copy are consistent across your website is easy. Making sure your website has a well-defined style guide is not. A style guide requires a lot of patience and care and is never complete. A website’s style guide should be a living, breathing document that continues to grow as your company and brand grows.

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