Tailored to the needs of front-end developers, this eBook bundle contains 11 selected Smashing eBooks on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive web design, accessibility and more. Andy Clarke’s Hardboiled Web Design forms part of it, just like PPK’s Mobile Web Handbook and Heydon Pickering’s Apps For All. This bundle is a valuable companion to master your daily front-end challenges.

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Among others, this bundle will help you:

  • Make your site more creative and responsive.
  • Deal with browser bugs and mobile fragmentation.
  • Tackle performance bottlenecks.
  • Remove accessibility barriers.
  • Gain a more profound understanding of HTML semantics.
  • Design better APIs.
  • Avoid coding tripwires and improve your programming methodologies.
  • Use animation to make the interaction with your site more intuitive and memorable.

This bundle includes the following 11 eBooks:

Hardboiled Web Design: Fifth Anniversary Edition by Andy Clarke

Hardboiled Web Design won’t teach you the basics of writing markup or CSS, but if you’re hungry to learn about how the latest technologies and techniques will make your websites and applications more creative and responsive, then this is the book for you.


  • Part 1: Getting Hardboiled
    • What the hell is hardboiled?
    • Ol’ time religion
    • The way standards develop
    • It doesn’t have to look the same
    • Atoms and elements
    • Designing atmosphere
  • Part 2: Hardboiled HTML
    • Meaningful HTML markup
    • Hardboiled microformats2
    • Why-oh-WAI Aria landmark roles
  • Part 3: Hardboiled CSS
    • Flexible box layout
    • Hardboiled foundations
    • Responsive typography
    • RGBa and color opacity
    • Borders
    • Background images
  • More hardboiled CSS
    • Gradients
    • Background blends and filters
    • Transforms
    • Transitions
    • Multicolumn layout
    • It’s time to get hardboiled


  • Formats: DRM-free PDF, EPUB, Kindle formats
  • Pages: 441
  • Released: November 2015
  • Language: English
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-945749-35-7
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-945749-36-4
  • ISBN (Print): 978-3-945749-37-1

The Mobile Web Handbook by Peter-Paul Koch

Weird browser bugs, inconsistent CSS/JS support, performance issues, mobile fragmentation, device pixels, viewports, zooming, touch event cascade, pointer and click events and the 300-millisecond delay. No, mobile isn’t dark matter, but it does require you to learn a few new things, some of which are quite confusing. The Mobile Web Handbook will help you to make sense of it all. It’s our practical guide for dealing with front-end challenges on mobile — effectively.


  • The Mobile World
  • Browsers
  • Android
  • Viewports
  • CSS
  • Touch and Pointer Events
  • Becoming a Mobile Web Developer
  • The Future of the Web on Mobile


  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 232
  • Language: English
  • Released: September 2014
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454088-7
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454089-4
  • ISBN (Print): 978-3-94454093-1

Apps For All: Coding Accessible Web Applications by Heydon Pickering

Accessibility is not just about addressing specific disabilities, but making sure as many people as possible have access to the same information. There’s rarely a good reason to lock people out when openness is a foundational principle of the web. Throughout the book we shall encounter visual design challenges, deal with performance issues, and adopt progressive enhancement — all of which are accessibility concerns.


  • This Is For Everyone
  • It’s All About Buttons
  • The WAI Forward
  • Getting Around
  • Peekaboo
  • It’s Alive!
  • Welcome To The Community


  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 121
  • Language: English
  • Released: June 2014
  • Publisher: Smashing Magazine GmbH
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454079-5
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454080-1
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454081-8

Performance Optimization: Techniques And Strategies

In this eBook, we’ve compiled an entire selection of front-end and server-side techniques that will help you tackle performance bottlenecks. Find out how to speed up existing websites, build high-performance sites (for both mobile and desktop), and prepare them for heavy-load situations. Furthermore, you’ll learn more about how performance improvements and a 97–99 Google PageSpeed score were achieved on Smashing Magazine, as well as how optimization strategies can enhance real-life projects by taking a closer look at Pinterest’s paint performance case study.


  • Improving Smashing Magazine’s Performance: A Case Study
  • How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website
  • You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy
  • How To Make Your Websites Faster On Mobile Devices
  • Creating High-Performance Mobile Websites
  • Don’t Get Crushed By The Load: Optimization Techniques And Strategies
  • Speed Up Your Mobile Website With Varnish
  • Cache Invalidation Strategies With Varnish Cache
  • Gone In 60 Frames Per Second: A Pinterest Paint Performance Case Study

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 210
  • Language: English
  • Released: September 2014
  • Publisher: Smashing Magazine GmbH
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454087-0
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454094-8
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454095-5

Responsive Web Design: Getting The New Baseline In Web Design Right

With the advent of responsive techniques, design patterns and off-the-shelf components, responsive Web design has become more than a technique — but rather a new mindset that requires us all to rethink and extend our practices. Responsive design is also about performance, server-side components, content strategy and conditional loading. With this eBook, you will learn how to go from non-responsive layouts to optimized responsive mobile experiences.


  • How Much Has The Web Really Changed?
  • Looking Beyond Common Media Query Breakpoints
  • Logical Breakpoints For Your Responsive Design
  • Preparing Websites For The Unexpected
  • How To Maintain Hierarchy Through Content Choreography
  • Towards A Retina Web
  • Building A Better Responsive Website
  • How To Make Your Websites Faster On Mobile Devices

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 116
  • Language: English
  • Released: May 2013
  • Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454019-1
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454020-7
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454021-4

Responsive Web Design: Solutions For Responsive Images

To help you review and understand different methods of catering for responsive images, we’ve compiled a selection of different responsive image techniques in this eBook. It features practical advice on every implementation, as well as tips on tackling the art direction and resolution-switching use cases that a growing device landscape has brought along. As you will notice, there is no reason to wait anymore; you can already cater for responsive images today!


  • Picturefill 2.0: Responsive Images And The Perfect Polyfill
  • Responsive Images Done Right: A Guide To <picture> And srcset
  • Automate Your Responsive Images With Mobify.js
  • One Solution To Responsive Images
  • Addressing The Responsive Images Performance Problem: A Case Study
  • Clown Car Technique: Solving Adaptive Images In Responsive Web Design
  • Simple Responsive Images With CSS Background Images
  • Responsive Images With WordPress’ Featured Images
  • Responsive Image Container: A Way Forward For Responsive Images?
  • Rethinking Responsive SVG

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 129
  • Language: English
  • Released: July 2014
  • Publisher: Smashing Magazine GmbH
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454073-3
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454074-0
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454075-7

Taming CSS Complexity

“Taming CSS Complexity” is a collection of 11 CSS-packed chapters that are all about performance and developer-friendly coding. In order to achieve a well-rounded coding experience, the Smashing Magazine authors have explored the complexity of CSS from different perspectives, balancing rather specific hands-on tips and more general coding best practices. Among other hot topics, this eBook covers how to design layouts with Flexbox, Atomic Design with Sass, and takes a look at the most common CSS issues.


  • Semantic CSS With Intelligent Selectors
  • Absolute Horizontal And Vertical Centering In CSS
  • How To Benefit From CSS Generated Content
  • The Problem Of CSS Form Elements
  • Clown Car Technique: Solving Adaptive Images In Responsive Web Design
  • The "Other" Interface: Atomic Design With Sass
  • Simple Responsive Images With CSS Background Images
  • Designing CSS Layouts With Flexbox Is As Easy As Pie
  • The Evolution Of The BEM Methodology
  • Using White Space For Readability In HTML And CSS
  • Why Coding Style Matters

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 169
  • Language: English
  • Released: October 2013
  • Publisher: Smashing Magazine GmbH
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454054-2
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454055-9
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454056-6

HTML Semantics

This eBook addresses the importance of semantics in our code. It touches on outlining algorithms, HTML5 semantics, the pursuit of semantic value and the HTML semantic grid system. You won't get far without the foundational understanding of HTML semantics — but it is even more important to follow up on the recent developments and discussions.


  • HTML5 Semantics
  • When One Word Is More Meaningful Than A Thousand
  • HTML5 And The Document Outlining Algorithm
  • Our Pointless Pursuit Of Semantic Value
  • Pursuing Semantic Value
  • The Semantic Grid System: Page Layout For Tomorrow

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 71
  • Language: English
  • Released: August 2012
  • Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
  • ISBN: 978-3-943075-36-6

Understanding Advanced JavaScript

This book is an exploration of popular advanced JavaScript concepts for those who already have a grasp on the basics. Understanding Advanced JavaScript is a comprehensive manual and how-to guide about all things JavaScript. Learn to design better APIs, use the latest tools and navigate the JavaScript MVC Jungle effortlessly. In this eBook, you will receive expert tips and techniques on avoiding coding tripwires and improving your programming methodologies.


  • Analysing Network Characteristics Using JavaScript And The DOM, Part 1
  • Introduction To JavaScript Unit Testing
  • Journey Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle
  • JavaScript Events And Responding To The User
  • JavaScript Profiling With The Chrome Developer Tools
  • Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript
  • Designing Better JavaScript APIs

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 155
  • Language: English
  • Released: February 2013
  • Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
  • ISBN: 978-3-943075-60-1

Behind the Scenes of Real-Life Projects

Is there anything more insightful than learning about the workflows from fellow designers and developers, and what techniques they use? What made their projects a stunning success, and how do they overcome missteps? With this eBook, we’ll take a closer look at the techniques and stories of some folks behind real-life Web projects.


  • Building The New Financial Times Web App
  • Bringing Angry Birds To Facebook
  • Behind The Scenes Of Nike Better World
  • Behind The Scenes Of Tourism New Zealand
  • Tale Of A Top-10 App, Part 1: Idea And Design
  • Tale Of A Top-10 App, Part 2: Marketing And Launch
  • Gone In 60 Frames Per Second: A Pinterest Paint Performance Case Study
  • Inside Google's User Experience Lab: An Interview With Google's Marcin Wichary
  • Mistakes I've Made (And Lessons Learned Along The Way)

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 141
  • Language: English
  • Released: December 2013
  • Publisher: Smashing Magazine GmbH
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454027-6
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454028-3
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454029-0

The Web In Motion: Practical Considerations For Designing With Animation

Animation is not about mere decoration, but (when used sparingly) can turn out to be a catalyst for making the interaction with a website more intuitive and memorable. So, what is the current state of animation on the web? Where is it heading? And how can you tackle the possibilities and challenges it brings along? The questions tackled and discussed in this eBook are bound to help you grasp what meaningful motion design is all about and how you can implement it into your own projects.


  • The State Of Animation
  • A Quick Look Into The Math Of Animations With JavaScript
  • Animating Without jQuery
  • Faster UI Animations With Velocity.js
  • Using Motion For User Experience On Apps And Websites
  • Understanding CSS Timing Functions
  • Styling And Animating SVGs With CSS

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 162
  • Language: English
  • Released: February 2015
  • Publisher: Smashing Magazine GmbH
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-945749-11-1
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-945749-09-8
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-945749-10-4

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