Inclusive Components by Heydon Pickering (Hardcover Print + eBook)

Inclusive Components by Heydon Pickering (Hardcover Print + eBook)


The web is full of interfaces that leave people out. Of course it’s not designer’s malicious intent or developer’s lack of empathy that bring us there though. It’s just really difficult to foresee a wide range of situations in which our users might find themselves in. We need to build robust and reliable solutions in a world that’s inherently chaotic and unpredictable. Where do we even start?

In his brand-new book Inclusive Components, Heydon Pickering explores more accessible and robust solutions for the UI patterns we author, plug in, and use every day. Written for front-end developers who want to detect and address potential accessibility issues in their components, you’ll not only learn to see common web UI patterns through the lens of inclusion and adopt an inclusive mindset but practical code samples and working demos help you make a change right away.

About The Book

We often build and deploy under tough deadlines, breaking accessibility without even noticing it. Our products become slower, clunkier and more painful to use — often simply unbearable for keyboard- and screen reader users, and as such fragile, inflexible and vulnerable for legal disputes. Let’s fix it.

For our new book Inclusive Components, we’ve teamed up with Heydon Pickering, a seasoned front-end developer with a focus on accessibility, to examine common web UI patterns through the lens of inclusion. The result is a dozen of accessible and robust solutions for the patterns we author, plug in, and use every day.

Table Of Contents

Each chapter tackles a single component, addressing how different and vulnerable people might read and interact with it, and how they can be better accommodated. The in-depth explorations are meticulously illustrated and code examples culminate as working demos, applicable to your work right away. Bonus: you’ll adopt the mindset to build upon and make even better components.

  1. Toggle Buttons
  2. A Todo List
  3. Menus & Menu Buttons
  4. Tooltips & Toggletips
  5. A Theme Switcher
  6. Tabbed Interfaces
  7. Collapsible Sections
  8. A Content Slider
  9. Notifications
  10. Data Tables

Download A Free Sample Chapter

Want to peek inside? We’re happy to provide a free sample chapter on collapsible sections. The eBook is included with the print version for free.

Download the excerpt (PDF, 6.5 MB)

About The Author

Heydon Pickering (@heydonworks) has worked with The Paciello Group, The BBC, Smashing Magazine, and Bulb Energy as a designer, engineer, writer, editor, and illustrator. He was shortlisted for Designer Of The Year in The Net Awards. Heydon previously wrote Inclusive Design Patterns which sold over 10,000 copies. Proceeds from this title were donated to the ACLU and The Democratic Socialists Of America, to help these organizations fight fascism and create a more inclusive society.

Technical Details

  • 322 pages,
  • ISBN:978-3-945749-82-1,
  • Quality hardcover with stitched binding and a ribbon page marker,
  • The eBook is available in PDF, EPUB, and Amazon Kindle formats,
  • Shipped via free worldwide airmail shipping from Germany.
  • Release: December 2019

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