Smashing Book 5 — Real-Life RWD (Print, Hardcover)

Smashing Book 5 — Real-Life RWD (Print, Hardcover)

Responsive design is a default approach these days, but we all still try to figure out just the right process and just the right techniques to design and build responsive websites better, smarter, faster. That’s why we created a new book — to collect the most practical techniques and experience from people who learned how to get things done right, in actual projects with actual real-world challenges.

Smashing Book 5, a gorgeous hardcover with 586 pages on Responsive Web Design techniques.

Neatly packaged in a gorgeous hardcover, the book features practical front-end techniques and patterns from well-respected designers and developers. The book isn’t concerned with trends or short-lived workarounds — it should stand the test of time and as such, it’s focused on actual techniques used today in real-life projects. The techniques that you could apply to your websites today, too. The book is also available as eBook (PDF, ePUB, Kindle).

About The Book

The Smashing Book 5: Real-Life Responsive Web Design is our brand new book with smart front-end techniques and design patterns derived from real-life responsive projects. With 12 chapters on responsive workflow, SVG, Flexbox, web fonts, responsive images, responsive email, content strategy, debugging, performance and offline experience, this is just the book you need to master all the tricky facets and hurdles of responsive design. Written by Daniel Mall, Sara Soueidan, Zoe M. Gillenwater, Bram Stein, Yoav Weiss, Tom Maslen, Matt Gaunt, Andrew Clarke, the Mystery Author, yours truly and other smashing authors.

The inner illustrations have been crafted by Guillaume (remember those mischievous animated Mystery Riddles?) and the cover is designed by everybody-knows-how-amazingly-talented-she-is Jessica Hische.

The book is going to be quite thick, and obviously both hardcover and digital editions (eBook in PDF, ePUB and Kindle) will be available. So if you want to get your hands on the book, you better not wait too long. We know it: you’ll love the book as much as we do!

Table of Contents

Vitaly Friedman Preface
Daniel Mall The Modern Responsive Designer’s Workflow
Vitaly Friedman Responsive Design Patterns and Components
Eileen Webb Content Choreography in RWD
Sara Soueidan Mastering SVG For Responsive Web Design
Zoe M. Gillenwater Building Advanced Responsive Modules With Flexbox
Vitaly Friedman Responsive Design Patterns And Components
Bram Stein Web Fonts Performance
Yoav Weiss Responsive Images
Fabio Carneiro Responsive Email Design
Tom Maslen Testing and Debugging Responsive Web Design
John Allsopp, Matt Gaunt Beyond Responsive: Optimizing For Offline
Andrew Clarke Counting Stars: Creativity Over Predictability
Ben Callahan Responsive Process
Vitaly Friedman Performance Optimization Roadmap

Please note that Ben Callahan’s chapter and Vitaly Friedman’s “Performance Optimization Roadmap” chapter are only included in the eBook edition of Smashing Book 5, not in the hardcover.


Smashing Book #5 has completely changed the potential for books around the web. This thing is ridiculous in how it dives deep into a topic and continues to dive deeper until you feel as though your brain might explode from the knowledge.

Smashing Book #5 is now your RWD bible. Stop searching, buy this book, and spend a weekend filling your brain with the most useful, technical information on RWD you can find anywhere.

And that’s what is most impressive to me about this book. It’s no different than sitting in a work environment with these authors and seeing how they get the job done. When you are trying to get into this field you are often left on your own to figure things out. —Paul Scrivens, “Smashing Book #5, A Review

The book is also available as eBook (PDF, ePUB, Kindle). 

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