What is it that makes a website stand out from the crowd? What makes it memorable and meaningful? This eBook wants to approach these questions. It's in no means a step-by-step guide to follow, but rather a collection of thoughts to give you some general impulses and perspectives on creating meaningful websites.


Starting with a comprehensive website planning guide to the question, "Which role does emotion play within the emotionless Web system?", our Smashing authors explored a variety of different aspects that all contribute to aesthetically beautiful and thoroughly thought-out user experience.


  • A Comprehensive Website Planning Guide
    by Ben Seigel
  • A Fun Approach To Creating More Successful Websites
    by Jeremy Girard
  • Defending The Generalists In The Web Design Industry
    by Paul Boag
  • Breaking Down Silos: The Consequences Of Working In Isolation
    by Rian van der Merwe
  • MUD: Minimum Usable Design
    by Paul Scrivens
  • A Craft Of Consequences: Reader, Writer And Emotional Design
    by Robin Rendle
  • Easier Is Better Than Better
    by Paul Scrivens
  • Designing Engaging And Enjoyable Long-Form Reading Experiences
    by Martha Rotter
  • Symptoms Of An Epidemic: Web Design Trends
    by Espen Brunborg

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 106
  • Language: English
  • Released: June 2013
  • Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454036-8
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454037-5
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454038-2

Excerpt From Chapter 2

A Fun Approach To Creating More Successful Websites — by Jeremy Girard

As Web designers and developers, each project we work with has a unique set of goals and requirements. But one goal we have for all of our projects is that we want them to make an impression on people — we want the websites that we create to be memorable.

A fun experience is often an enjoyable one and an enjoyable experience is usually a memorable one. Therefore, it stands to reason that one of the ways to create a memorable experience is to make it a fun experience. In this chapter, we’ll take a look at how adding a bit of “fun” into the mix can help us produce more engaging, and hopefully more successful, websites.

Excerpt From Chapter 7

Easier Is Better Than Better — by Paul Scrivens

When it comes to our own designs, we imagine people being able to make informed decisions on what the next step should be. However, they are already making 400+ decisions throughout the rest of the day that are likely more important than what they will deal with in our design.

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