Marketing Secrets For Web Designers

Marketing Secrets For Web Designers

Marketing is an essential part of Web design and knowing its 101 helps designers see their design decisions in a broader context. As jumping in at the deep edge and simply starting off marketing can be quite delicate, "Marketing Secrets For Web Designers" is a companion tailored to the specific needs of Web professionals. Weighing the benefits and perils of common marketing practices, it takes designers by the hand as they develop an understanding of what friendly and appealing marketing is all about.


Along the way the Smashing Magazine authors cover topics such as shaping an innovative brand identity, implementing social media wisely and creating meaningful email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the eBook features valuable tips for product launches and e-commerce. Of course, analytics and metrics also get their well-deserved attention. As you will discover, marketing is a lot more than plain conversion rates, numbers of sales and generating followers; it is part of the user experience.


  • Stop Shouting. Start Teaching
    by Christopher Butler
  • If You Love Your Brand, Set It Free
    by Jose Martinez Salmeron
  • What Successful Products Teach Us About Web Design
    by Yiannis Konstantakopoulos
  • Social Media Is A Part Of The User Experience
    by Paul Boag
  • How To Use Email To Alienate Your Users
    by Paul Boag
  • How Metrics Can Make You A Better Designer
    by Laura Klein
  • Keep Your Analytics Data Safe And Clean
    by Daniel Waisberg
  • It Works For “You”: A User-Centric Guideline To Product Pages
    Sarah Bauer
  • How To Launch Anything
    by Nathan Barry

Technical Information

  • Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 90
  • Language: English
  • Released: September 2013
  • Publisher: Smashing Magazine GmbH
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454042-9
  • ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454043-6
  • ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454044-3

Excerpt From Chapter 2

If You Love Your Brand, Set It Free — by Jose Martinez Salmeron

The practice of branding is undergoing a deep transformation — a change brought about by our kaleidoscopic postmodern culture, the development of communication technology and rapid globalization.

In prior decades, brand managers aimed to establish their products and services primarily by way of consistency and repetition. A brand’s voice and message were to be the same, independent of marketing channel. The goal of the designer was to define identity systems that would ensure compliance and coherence in all of the brand’s manifestations, as codified in brand identity style guides.

Excerpt From Chapter 9

How To Launch Anything — by Nathan Barry

Launching a new product — especially your first — can be incredibly daunting. Even knowing where to turn for help can be hard. So many blog posts are full of free advice on how to successfully launch that I almost didn’t write another one. But many of the posts I read for my first product launch didn’t help me very much. The material was too fluffy, the marketing ideas were vague, or the advice didn’t apply to my tiny business.

Having launched five new products in fewer than nine months, I’ve turned product launches into a science. And while they never go perfectly, these ideas have helped me generate over $200,000 in revenue from online products, starting from scratch.

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