Smashing Print #1: Ethics & Privacy (eBook)

Smashing Print #1: Ethics & Privacy (eBook)

For a long time, we wanted to create a magazine that hasn’t existed before. Not a magazine about fleeting design trends or ever-changing frameworks, but topics that would make us all think, and remain useful as time passes by. A magazine exploring topics that often get lost in a myriad of blog posts out there.

Please note that this is the eBook version of the magazine. Also available as a printed magazine.

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For the very first issue of our printed magazine, we wanted to bring spotlight to a topic that’s very close to our hearts: ethics, privacy and security. How do we deal with tracking, advertising, GDPR, data protection and addictive interfaces? Dark patterns are everywhere, and long term they irreversibly damage trust and bring hidden costs. Download a free PDF preview (3 MB).

All Smashing Members ($5 per month) get the eBook for free, and Smashers ($9 plan) also get a free printed copy shipped to the doorsteps.

About This Magazine

The web is wonderfully diverse and unpredictable because of wonderfully diverse people shaping it. While we often see people as lifeless dots in our analytics stats, every single dot is an actual person, and so every single dot matters.

Humility, kindness and humbleness have become rarities on the web. But each of us deserves to be respected and valued — that holds true for how companies treat our data and privacy — and that’s why the very first issue of our little new printed magazine is dedicated to something that’s very close to our hearts: ethics and privacy. The issue will challenge you to explore ethics, privacy and security as you design and build the web.

Table of Contents

  • Editor’s Note
    by Rachel Andrew
  • Towards Ethics By Default, One Step at a Time
    by Vitaly Friedman
  • Designing For Addiction
    by Trine Falbe
  • It’s Not About You
    by Heather Burns and Morten Rand-Hendriksen
  • This One Weird Trick Tells Us Everything About You
    by Laura Kalbag
  • Quieting Disquiet
    by Stuart Langridge
  • Advertising Is Not The Problem
    by Cennydd Bowles

With Smashing Magazine Print, we want to provide a place for topics that cover the bigger picture, topics that perhaps have more longevity as what we usually cover online. Without running short on practical and actionable insights, of course.

Technical Details

  • 60 pages,
  • The eBook is available in PDF, EPUB, and Amazon Kindle formats,
  • Release: July 2019,
  • ISBN: 978-3-945749-79-1.

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