SmashingConf New York 2017

SmashingConf New York 2017

Don't you feel like Wonderwoman or Superman when squishing that annoying bug or crafting those fancy pixels? Well, we do! Up, up and away we go, to SmashingConf New York 2017! With pratical front-end and UX techniques, battles, fights, wins and losses, we'd love you to learn and share your special abilities and your experiences! So reserve that plane, that bird, or flying superhero and meet us in New York City!

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With 1 track, 2 full conference days, 9 workshops, 16 excellent speakers and just 400 available seats - tickets will go fast! The conference will take place in the unique and interactive New World Stage on June 13–14, 2017, and you will regret missing out!

First Confirmed Speakers

Tuesday, June 13th

Wednesday, June 14th

  • Mystery Speaker
    (Someone you definitely know, and respect)
  • Umar Hansa
    Chrome DevTools
  • Nathan Curtis
    Modular Design
  • TBA
  • Kate Dawkins
  • Horace Dediu
    Future of Mobile
  • TBA

Smashing Workshops

Our workshops offer the opportunity to come to grips with new ideas and techniques in real depth, with a full day spent on the topic of your choice. It’s a great way to round off your conference experience, and we provide lunch, too. By registering for a workshop while buying your conference ticket, you save $100 on the regular workshop ticket price.

Smashing Workshops on Monday, June 12th

Brad Frost on Atomic Design: Process & Patterns

Brad FrostJune 13th This full-day masterclass takes a deep dive into the world of responsive web design, covering everything including broad concepts, strategy, how responsive design affects process, responsive design patterns and principles, and more. Read more...

Yuko Shimizu on Good Ideas Make Great Illustration

Yuko ShimizuJune 12th Let’s work on a whole bunch of mini projects and exercises for a day to flex your brain and mind so you can start thinking and working like a real illustrator. Yuko is here to help! Read more...

Horace Dediu on Persuasive Design

Horace DediuJune 12th This full-day workshop will take you through the principles of persuasion using techniques of cinematography and visual storytelling. Whether one-on-one or in front of millions on TV, presentations are the primary means of persuasion in business. Read more...

Umar Hansa on The Modern Front-End Workflow Bootcamp

Umar HansaJune 12th In this workshop, Umar Hansa, a senior front-end web developer at Springer Nature, will share obscure practical workflow tips, tricks and techniques that will supercharge any developer’s workflow. Read more...

Vitaly Friedman on Smart Responsive UX Design Patterns

Vitaly FriedmanJune 12th In this brand new workshop, Vitaly Friedman (editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine), will cover practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on responsive websites. From responsive modules co clever navigation patterns and web form design techniques; the workshop will provide you with everything you need to know today to start designing better responsive experiences tomorrow. Read more...

Smashing Workshops on Thursday, June 15th

Eric Reiss on An Introduction To Service Design

Eric ReissJune 15th Service design combines key elements from user-experience design, interaction design, and quality management to create long-term value. In this full-day - workshop, you’ll discover the basic elements of each of these disciplines and how they work together to raise customer satisfaction, increase conversions, and enhance key events along the customer journey. Read more...

Joe Leech on Psychology for Design and UX

Joe LeechJune 15th A practical way to understand how the human brain works and apply that knowledge to User Experience design. You know somethings are ‘good design’ and some things are ‘bad design’ for UX but have never been quite sure why this is so? Learn the psychological principles behind how our brain makes sense of the world and apply that to user interface design. Read more...

Sara Soueidan on Mastering SVG

Sara SoueidanJune 15th Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are the new big thing in web design today, and for a good reason. SVG is going to be one of the fundamentals of web design, and getting a grip of it and how to use it is becoming more important as its usefulness becomes more obvious every day. Read more...

Vitaly Friedman on New Front-End Adventures in Responsive Design

Vitaly FriedmanJune 15th With HTTP/2, Service Workers, Responsive Images, Flexbox, CSS Grid, SVG, WAI-ARIA roles and Font Loading API now available in browsers, we all are still trying to figure out just the right strategy for designing and buildings responsive websites efficiently. We want to use all of these technologies and smart processes like atomic design, but how can we use them efficiently, and how do we achieve it within a reasonable amount of time? Read more...


If you have any questions, send us an email at or send us a tweet at @smashingconf — we’d love to assist you in every possible way and would be humbled and happy to welcome you to NYC in June! It's been about time we meet, hasn't it?

Conference Venue

Smashingconf NY will take place in the heart of the theater district at New World Stages, just off of Times Square between 8th and 9th Avenues. All workshops will be hosted at the Microsoft Technology Center and surround both days of SmashingConf New York. The conference and all workshops will be running from 9AM to approx. 5:30PM, June 13th-14th. (Note that the first conference day will last until 6:30PM.

Workshops Venue

Microsoft Technology Center
11 Times Square, 5th & 6th Floor
(Between 41st & 42nd Streets on 8th Ave.)
New York, NY, 10036
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Workshop Schedule

8:30 – Doors open, Registration
9:00 – Introduction & Kick-off
11:00 – Coffee Break
12:30 – Lunch
1:30 – Afternoon Session
3:00 – Coffee Break
5:00 – The End, Networking

By registering for a workshop, you'll save $100 when buying a conference ticket, too.

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