SmashingConf San Francisco 2017 (April 4–5) - Waiting List

SmashingConf San Francisco 2017 (April 4–5) - Waiting List

Meet SmashingConf San Francisco 2017, featuring front-end ingredients, UX recipes and fine design beats from the hidden corners of the web. Only practical, real-life techniques and recipes that you can learn from.

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A Community Event For Web Designers

On April 4–5, 2017, we invite you to join us for two conference days of networking and sharing as well as two workshop days of intense learning with some really smart people. SmashingConf is a two-day, single track conference (4th and 5th April) which will be flanked by two days of optional full day workshops (3rd and 6th of April 2017), giving us all the opportunity to delve deeper into our subject of choice. Expect real-life web design problems, projects, and techniques, designed and curated to be instantly applicable to your daily work.

In return for a few days out of your busy schedule, we promise an inspiring, diverse lineup, with relevant, forward-thinking topics, and the friendliest atmosphere you’ll ever find at a conference. Hope to see you there!


Some speakers aren’t fond of it, some speakers love it: we thoroughly curate every single talk and work alongside our speakers to make sure that each talk fits nicely within the overall theme of the conference. For our San Francisco Conference, we've put together a pretty good line-up.

Nadieh Bremer and Nathan Curtis
Our first confirmed speakers, an astronomist Nadieh Bremer and design systems designer Nathan Curtis. Seriously.

Tuesday, April 4th

  • Denys Mishunov
    Deconstructing Performance
  • Laura Elizabeth
    Selling Design Systems Design Academy
  • Mark Robbins
    CSS and Interactive Email Rebelmail
  • Nadieh Bremer
    Hacking The Visual Norm Visual Cinnamon
  • Tin Kadoić
    Intelligent Interface Design Five NYC
  • Marcy Sutton
    Accessibility and Performance Deque Systems
  • Christian Holst
    eCommerce Checkout Optimization Baymard Institue
  • Jason Grigsby
    Input Fields for Mobile and Sensors Cloudfour

Wednesday, April 5th

Smashing Workshops

Our workshops offer the opportunity to get to grips with new ideas and techniques in real depth, with a full day spent on the topic of your choice. It’s a great way to round off your conference experience, and we provide lunch, too. By registering for a workshop while buying your conference ticket, you'll save $100 on the regular workshop ticket price.

Smashing Workshops on Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Christian Holst on “eCommerce Checkout Optimization”
Christian Holst

In this full day checkout optimization workshop Christian Holst, research director at the Baymard Institute, will share their newest checkout usability test findings, uncovered during the past 7 years of large-scale testing of e-commerce sites and from working with clients like Etsy, Office Depot, Sears, Kohl’s, Nike, John Lewis, Carnival, T-mobile,, The North Face, etc. Read more...

Nathan Curtis on Scalable Design Systems
Nathan Curtis

The role of design with large organizations is expanding, spreading across product teams and influencing decision-making at higher and higher levels. This scale makes it increasingly challenging to align designers and product teams to deliver cohesive, consistent experiences across a customer journey. Read more...

Tim Kadlec on Real-Life HTTP/2 Today
Tim Kadlec

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn front-end techniques and strategies you need to know today to make proper use of HTTP/2 tomorrow. The workshop will also look into dealing with legacy browsers that don’t support HTTP/2 as well as the security aspects of how you can keep your website or application safe, future-proof and blazingly fast. Read more...

Vitaly Friedman on Smart UX Design Patterns
Vitaly Friedman

In this brand new workshop, Vitaly Friedman (editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine), will cover practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on responsive websites. From responsive modules co clever navigation patterns and web form design techniques; the workshop will provide you with everything you need to know today to start designing better responsive experiences tomorrow. Read more...

Smashing Workshops on Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Sarah Drasner on “Advanced SVG Animation”
Sarah Drasner

In this full-day workshop, Sarah will teach you the basics of the SVG Animation development and the essentials needed to start using these techniques in production environments for animations both large and small. Read more...

Rachel Andrew on “Advanced CSS Layouts With Flexbox and CSS Grid”
Rachel andrew

This workshop is designed for designers and developers who already have a good working knowledge of HTML and CSS. We will cover a range of CSS methods for achieving layout, from those you are safe to use right now even if you need to support older version of Internet Explorer through to things that while still classed as experimental, are likely to ship in browsers in the coming months. Read more...

Nadieh Bremer on Creative Data Visualization Techniques
Nadieh Bremer

With so many tools available to visualize your data, it’s easy to get stuck in thinking about chart types, always just going for that bar or line chart, without truly thinking about effectiveness. In this workshop, Nadieh will teach you how you can take a more creative and practical approach to the design of data visualization. Read more...

Vitaly Friedman on New Front-End Adventures in Responsive Design
Vitaly Friedman

With HTTP/2, Service Workers, Responsive Images, Flexbox, CSS Grid, SVG, WAI-ARIA roles and Font Loading API now available in browsers, we all are still trying to figure out just the right strategy for designing and buildings responsive websites efficiently. We want to use all of these technologies and smart processes like atomic design, but how can we use them efficiently, and how do we achieve it within a reasonable amount of time? Read more...

Workshop Location (April 3rd and 6th, 2017)

On April 3rd and April 6th, we'll be hosting our full-day workshops at the Microsoft Technology Center in San Francisco's Financial Disctrict.

When entering Microsoft Technology Center, look out for our volunteers and the Smashing Conference signage! Of course, we'll email you all the instructions way ahead of time.

Workshop Address

Microsoft Technology Center
555 California Street, Suite 200
San Francisco
CA, 94104
(Google Maps)

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