Tim Kadlec on Real-Life HTTP/2 Today (April 3rd 2017, San Francisco)

Tim Kadlec on Real-Life HTTP/2 Today (April 3rd 2017, San Francisco)

Our relationship with websites is comprised of a series of interactions. Click a link, scroll down a page, submit a form—these are all interactions and they're at the core of what it means to experience a website. How quickly they happen matters incredibly, and ultimately shapes the overall user experience. This full-day workshop will show you how to make sure those interactions all take place quickly.


The switch to HTTP/2 is inevitable. Browser support is fantastic, server-side implementations are getting bulletproof, and many websites are making use of HTTP/2 already. Speed improvements are remarkable, and with Service Workers on top of HTTP/2 you can craft resilient and fast experiences. Yet for many website, a transition from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2 is painful and full of obstacles and unknowns. What practices should we reconsider when building and delivering websites? What about the deployment strategy? What about the migration from HTTP to HTTPS which is a requirement for HTTP/2?

In this full-day workshop, we'll explore the techniques and tools you need to begin building better performing sites right away.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to sell performance to your boss and clients.
  • How to identify performance bottlenecks in your sites and applications.
  • The steps the browser goes through to display a page on your screen.
  • What the critical rendering path is and how to optimize for it.
  • What new technologies like HTTP/2 bring to the table.
  • Common performance pitfalls that people run into and how to avoid them.

This workshop is for any front-end developers or designers who want to start building better-performing sites. As long as you're at least familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS, you'll feel right at home.

Workshop Schedule

  • 8:30 Doors open, Registration
  • 9:00 Introduction & Kick-off
  • 11:00 Coffee Break
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 13:30 Afternoon Session
  • 15:00 Coffee Break
  • 17:00 The End, Networking

Workshop Includes

  • Snacks and drinks during the whole day
  • Tea and coffee
  • Lunch
  • Paper and pen/pencil

What Hardware/Software Do You Need?

  • To get the most out of the workshop, we recommend you bring a laptop prepared with your favorite text editor and browser.


Microsoft Technology Center
555 California Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94104

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