Unlocking Innovation: How To Generate And Realize Great Ideas

Unlocking Innovation: How To Generate And Realize Great Ideas

Some of us feel super creative while lying awake at 4.30 in the morning, while others generate idea after idea in the shower, or while taking a walk outside. How we find and feed inspiration is different from person to person, but we all have something in common: our ideas are quite unpredictable. Sometimes they keep flowing, at other times, when we need to come up with a solution for a complex project, the spark just won’t hit. But even if we can’t tame our ideas, certain strategies can help to unlock our creative insight, and make our ideation process — and that of our team members — more effective.


Unlocking Innovation wants to equip you with such strategies, but also go beyond the mere process of generating ideas and look at how we can actually bring them to life. Different ways of experimenting with that first vague idea and mocking it up are thus part of the eBook, just like suggestions on finding the idea that is really worthy of our time and energy. The tips that our authors have to share are very practical, and can easily be incorporated into your (or your team’s) workflow. So, take your time and examine them carefully, and, most importantly, try them out to see what works best for you.


  • On Creative Leadership
    by Jesse Friedman
  • Examining The Design Process: Clichés And Idea Generation
    by Dan Mayer
  • Using Brainwriting For Rapid Ideas Generation
    by Chauncey Wilson
  • Up On The Wall: How Working Walls Unlock Creative Insight
    by Laura Busche
  • Design Better And Faster With Rapid Prototyping
    by Lyndon Cerejo
  • The Skeptic’s Guide To Low-Fidelity Prototyping
    by Laura Busche
  • Five Tips For Making Ideas Happen
    by Scott Belsky
  • How To Make Innovative Ideas Happen
    by Robert Hartland

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

On Creative Leadership — by Jesse Friedman

I have spent nearly a decade experimenting with a single goal in mind: to create scalable, predictably insightful, inspirational environments. I have led creative teams in these environments, and I’m currently doing it as the Director of Web Interface and Development at Astonish (a digital marketing company in Rhode Island, US). It hasn’t been easy, because forcing inspiration is impossible. You have to use finesse and let it come to you. What follows is what I’ve found to help my team and me harness inspiration effectively.

Excerpt from Chapter 6

The Skeptic’s Guide To Low-Fidelity Prototyping — by Laura Busche

Designer Paul Rand once said, ‘An understanding of man’s intrinsic needs, and of the necessity to search for a climate in which those needs could be realized, is fundamental to the education of the designer.’ Prototyping helps us to unveil and explore these human needs, opening the door to insightful interaction and more empathetic design solutions.

Low-fidelity prototypes, in particular, are rough representations of concepts that help us to validate those concepts early on in the design process. Throughout this chapter, we will look at some of the features that make low-fidelity prototyping a unique tool to radically improve your work and to build an environment in which users’ needs can be truly realized.

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