Aaron Draplin on Visual Design Workflow (June 25th, 2018, Toronto)

Aaron Draplin on Visual Design Workflow (June 25th, 2018, Toronto)

Whether you are designing an app or a website, following best practices and design methodologies will always help ensure your designs are usable and engaging. In this workshop we’ll explore the design process in detail including user research, sketching, and visual design. Through real world examples you’ll see how an idea can evolve into a design.

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Get the inside scoop with Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. and learn what goes on behind the scenes! We’ll give an in-depth walk through of some of our projects and answer questions in a more intimate setting. 

In this workshop, you'll learn:

Tips, tricks, tales, and threats from our questionable existence! Questions answered. Riddles solved. Enigmas discussed. Don’t miss out!

    We want you to spend your effort in the parts of the design process that pack the most punch. We promise you’ll look at your design process differently and immediately be able to see ways to trim the fat.

    What hardware/software do you need?

    No technology required though a laptop or iPad might be helpful at times. This is a workshop for people of all skill levels. There will be no programming. We’ll be talking about design methods and ideas. Please bring your favorite pencil. Notebooks will be provided.

    Workshop Schedule

    • 8:30 Doors open, Registration
    • 9:00 Introduction & Kick-off
    • 11:00 Coffee Break
    • 12:30 Lunch
    • 13:30 Afternoon Session
    • 15:00 Coffee Break
    • 17:00 The End, Networking

    Workshop Includes

    • Snacks and drinks during the whole day
    • Tea and coffee
    • Lunch
    • Paper and pen/pencil



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