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Smashing Book #4 — New Perspectives on Web Design (eBook)

Quick Overview

Written by well-respected designers and developers, the 4th Smashing Book contains lots of actionable takeaways that will help you in your daily routine. Think of it as a reliable playbook for issues that keep following you in every project. This book is for you because you’ll discover plenty of valuable, time-saving techniques that will improve your workflow right away.

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Full Product Description

New Perspectives On Web Design

The concept of the Smashing Book 4 is focused around practical techniques, strategies and approaches that haven't been thoroughly discussed and adopted by the community just yet. We'd like to challenge you to look beyond what's usually done.

The book will feature valuable insights into large-scale projects, adaptive interfaces, customer support, user psychology and typography. We will also uncover smart front-end strategies, obscure back-end techniques and find out what it takes to improve website performance for faster and more robust apps

Table Of Contents

We've assembled a remarkable line-up of authors for the book. All of them are well-respected designers and developers who will share their practical insights, design strategies and hands-on tools to explore the new perspectives in Web design today.

Harry Roberts Modern CSS Architecture and Front-End
Nicholas C. Zakas Writing Maintainable, Future-Friendly Code
Christian Heilmann The Vanilla Web Diet
Tim Kadlec Culture of Performance
Mat Marquis Robust, Responsible, Responsive Web Design
Addy Osmani Finding and Fixing Mobile Web Rendering Issues
Aaron Gustafson Designing Adaptive Interfaces
Paul Tero Obscure Back-end Techniques and Terminal Secrets
Marko Dugonjić The Next Steps For Web Typography
Corey Vilhauer The Two Faces of Content Strategy
Rachel Andrew Supporting Your Product
Nishant Kothary The Design of People
Christopher Murphy On Creative Spirit

Harry Roberts Nicholas C. Zakas Christian Heilmann Tim Kadlec Mat Marquis Addy Osmani Aaron Gustafson Paul Tero Marko Dugonjić Corey Vilhauer Rachel Andrew Nishant Kothary Christopher Murphy

From left to right: Harry Roberts, Nicholas C. Zakas, Christian Heilmann, Tim Kadlec, Mat Marquis, Addy Osmani, Aaron Gustafson, Paul Tero, Marko Dugonjić, Corey Vilhauer, Rachel Andrew, Nishant Kothary and Christopher Murphy

What Reviewers Say About Smashing Book #4

A few reviewers have had the chance to read the book a few days before its release, and share their views in a non-committal way. The result is very clear: the book is worthwhile. Should you get it? Yes! Let’s see why:


"Smashing Book 4 provides logical, practical, real-world examples of what’s wrong with modern sites and how to fix them. [..] I want the Web to win. But to do so, Web development has to match its age and live up to the responsibility it has earned. The book takes a big step in guiding that transition for both products and people, making it a book I would very strongly recommend for everyone involved in Web development."

Dudley Storey


"The Smashing Book 4 is excellent value for money. [...] [It's] conference quality topics in the palm of your hand, permanently committed to paper (or the medium of your choice) ready for you to consume whenever you want. The Web has grown up and The Smashing Book 4 is the perfect field guide for making and maintaining things for a future-friendly Web."

Jordan Moore

"Currently reading a preview of Smashing Book #4. Each chapter updates you on one important area of Web development and Web design which is really useful given the hectic pace seemingly every aspect of our industry is moving at. Nice to have it all distilled in one book."

Jamie Mason


"Just reading Smashing Book 4 and I can strongly recommend it. Full of practical and useful Web design stories."

Janko Jovanovic

— Available in PDF, ePUB and Amazon Kindle
— With 498 it's quite a read for the upcoming weekend
— For both newcomers and experienced Web designers and developers.

Customer Reviews (1)


Don't hesitate (read more)

Hi folks,

I always thought that Smahing books might be quite shallow - you can easily get it on the web and they try to make money out of it by basically printing your bookmarks on paper.

Then I bought this book because I'm always positively surprised by the overall quality of the smashing (online) articles and I wanted to hold something decent on paper over the christmas days (I really don't have any time to waste due to my 2 cute and lovely little children aged 2 and .5). My expectations were not too high. Now I'm reading the 3rd chapter and I can tell: Buy this book. The quality of the articles is great. If there was any real high school or university for frontend development, this would be the first book every scholar would have to read. I think it'll be up-to-date for at least the next 6 months. It's definitely fun and joy to read, and it's so digestible that everyone will learn from it long-term. To me it's the foundation of modern frontend development.
You don't have to follow every path it shows to you, but you definitely should know them. I'm more than happy for having bought this book. If you want both - quality and joy - go buy it now. In print, if you can afford it. One note to Smashing: Please use thinner and smoother paper for your future books, as they are fetishes to some people out there.


Posted on 12/21/13

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