Smashing Book #1 & #2 (eBooks included)

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  • The Smashing Book #1 Digital Edition
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  • The Smashing Book #1 Digital Edition
  • The Smashing Book #2 Digital Edition

Smashing Book #1 & #2 (eBooks included)

Quick Overview

Two printed books in one swoop — and for a really unbeatable price. The Smashing Book Bundle contains both printed books which were thoroughly written, edited and revised by experts, with focus on quality and relevance for Web designers:

Smashing Book #1 covers main rules of thumb in professional Web design, typography, color theory, usability guidelines and the roadmap to effective UI design. It also addresses issues related to branding, marketing as well as best coding and optimization practices. Softcover, 2009.

Smashing Book #2 presents valuable practical insight into design, usability and coding of successful modern websites. It provides expert advice for designing mobile apps and building successful e-commerce websites. It also covers techniques from psychology and game theory which you can use to create engaging user experiences. Hardcover, 2011.

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Full Product Description

The Smashing Book #1 (Print, Softcover)

The Smashing Book #1 is our bestselling printed book about best practices in modern Web design. The book shares technical tips and best practices on coding, usability and optimization and explores how to create successful UIs and apply marketing principles to increase conversion rates. It also shows how to get the most out of typography, color and branding so that you end up with intuitive and effective Web designs. And lastly, you will also get a peek behind the curtains of Smashing Magazine. More details about the Smashing Book 1.

Table of Contents
  • The Art And Science Of CSS Layouts
  • User Interface Design In Modern Applications
  • Web Typography: Rules, Guidelines And Common Mistakes
  • Usability Principles For Modern Websites
  • The Guide to Fantastic Color Usage In Web Design and Usability
  • Performance Optimization For Websites
  • Design To Sell: Increasing Conversion Rates
  • How To Turn A Site Into A Remarkable Brand
  • Learning From Experts: Interviews And Insights
  • The Smashing Story

Free Samples
Need an appetizer? Here are two free chapters of the Smashing Book. You can download them as a PDF:
313 pages.
Softcover, quality binding.
Released February 2009.
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH

The Smashing Book #2 (Print, Hardcover)

This successor of the Smashing Book 1 shares valuable practical insight into design, usability and coding. It provides professional advice for designing mobile applications and building successful e-commerce websites, and it explains common coding mistakes and how to avoid them. You’ll explore the principles of professional design thinking and graphic design and learn how to apply psychology and game theory to create engaging user experiences. More details about the Smashing Book 2.

Table of Contents
  • The Principles of Great Graphic Design
  • Visible vs. Invisible Design
  • Designing Mobile User Experiences
  • Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Red Flags in Web Development
  • The Future of Web Typography
  • Game Design Techniques Applied to UX Design
  • When They Click: Psychology of Web Design
  • Design Patterns on E-Commerce Websites (A Study)
  • How to Make a Book (Like This One)

Free Samples
Need an appetizer? Here are two free chapters of the Smashing Book. You can download them as a PDF: 355 pages.
Hardcover with high quality binding and a round spine.
Released January 2011.
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH

Customer Reviews (3)


A nice pile of information to be had

I ordered the bundle a couple of days before the Christmas sales started and spent 60 dollars on a bundle I could have gotten for 30 if I had waited a little... Sigh.

I have to say I was surprised to see the book number 1 to be a paperback and number 2 to be a hardcover (should have probably read the product descriptions better, I suppose), but despite my perfectionism in lining up bookshelves, I didn't mind.

What I liked about the books was that they're written in a very easy-to-understand style with fitting illustrations alongside, and even much-needed screenshots. My favorite chapters were the ones about color and their uses with the color wheels and game design techniques.

The cons? There were a couple of chapters in there I just skipped because I didn't have the required knowledge to even follow the endless stream of coding slang.

I think also spotted a couple of typos and grammatical errors. I'll need to dig them up and point them out. :)

All in all, very interesting reads. I'd warn newbie designers not to touch these books before they have some kind of grasp of ... well, pretty much everything mentioned in these books.


Posted on 8/8/12

Chathura Asanga:

Just have it and see!!!

I just received my bundle today. I truly am very happy to have such a worthy pack of books for such a reasonable price. If you have a sense of designing and, and if your knowledge about those basics in designing is a little irregular, and if you really need to enhance what you brought from your birth, with a guidance of these experts... just order the pack of your Smashing Books. Don't just think twice about that. Because you will realize the reason why I'm saying so; right then you have your books bundle on your desk. I must tell you this again!!! The idea of forming this Smashing team, is not just another idea! Indeed it is a Smashing Idea!!! Thank you very much!!!


Posted on 8/8/12


A must have in web design companies library

This year we have decided to build our own company library and started to buy all essential books available over internet. Since we are big fans of Smashing Magazine and it is our daily reading at Parallaq we have decided to buy both Smashing Books in old fashion paperback version (ebooks are great too, but sorry guys, paper is paper). Books are packed with a lot fo great reading, covering some very interesting topics. Yiying Lu illustrations are awesome!

Really great book bundle for very reasonable price. I can only recommend to everyone.


Posted on 8/8/12

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