The Smashing Mascot: Cody! (Office Fun + Stress Relief Ball)

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  • Cody — the Smashing Mascot
  • Cody — the Smashing Mascot
  • Cody — the Smashing Mascot
  • Cody — the Smashing Mascot

The Smashing Mascot: Cody! (Office Fun + Stress Relief Ball)

Quick Overview

Allow us to introduce you to the youngest member of the Smashing Magazine family. This fleecy little adorable fellow embodies the drive that keeps us going here at Smashing Magazine. Min Tran has done a great job of styling the Smashing Cat.

So, what makes this yellow, hand-crafted cat a must-have? Well, it’s lightweight; it’s a real eye-catcher that fits anywhere; and, most importantly, it brings some of Smashing Magazine’s spirit into your workplace or home. The Smashing Cat is a limited edition goodie for loyal Smashing fans.

This certified-quality Smashing Cat is produced with special attention to detail: its eyes and nose are embroidered, and the red-white bow and tie give it a special touch. Get your lucky charm Smashing Cat for $14.95 (+ free shipping). Bring yours home today!

Technical Details

The Smashing Cat

- Designed by Min Tran
- Color: yellow
- Dimensions: 12cm × 12cm × 17cm
- Weight: 80g
- Limited Edition
- Exclusive Smashing Cat box and a plastic bag
- Shipping: free

Availability: In stock

$7.00 + $0 shipping
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Full Product Description

Bounce your ideas around with a game of catch with your friends or even colleagues. Please note that Cody is only available until September 12th and only a limited amount is available in stock — so, grab yourself a Cody while you can!

Warning: Cody can be very addictive to play with.

Customer Reviews (2)


Totally addictive.

This little guy (together with the smashing cat) brings some playful spirit on your desk. It will light up your mood and give you company when you're lonely.

I made a video unpacking my Cody:


Posted on 10/9/13


Soft and furry

It's soft, furry, and squishy. Buy it and your work experience will never be the same again. Your colleagues will envy your new desktop little fellow. Naked women will fall from heavens into your white, skinny developer's arms, and allmighty unicorns will bless your CSS.

I love this little furry guy.


Posted on 9/18/13

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