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  • Smashing Conference Oxford 2014
  • Smashing Conference Oxford 2014

Smashing Conference 2013 Ticket

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We can't wait to welcome you, dear attendees, in September in Freiburg! In fact, we've got quite a few surprises waiting for you; please stay tuned. You won't be disappointed.

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Whether you are a designer, developer, content strategist or business owner, you’ll explore hands-on insights from professionals at the Smashing Conference. We're very happy to provide an opportunity for you to share and gain practical knowledge — right in our beautiful home town of Freiburg, Germany, at the foot of the legendary Black Forest. We’re delighted to invite you to come together for this inspiring, forward-thinking event on 9th to 11th September 2013.

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A Community Event For Web Designers

The conference will host a two-day single-track conference on September 9th and 10th, as well as four workshops on September 11th. At the heart Germany's beautiful city of Freiburg, the gorgeous Historical Merchants Hall at the foot of the Black Forest provides an uncontested setting for the event.

We want the Smashing Conference to be a unique, valuable and friendly event for everybody involved. Not only do we want to provide new perspectives into Web design in general; more importantly, we want the event to focus on how exactly we, designers and developers, work, design and code to solve real-life problems. We’ll explore in detail what techniques, strategies and tools we use, but also what lessons we can learn from our personal experiences, successes and failures. Smashing Conference is an conference about how we work and play — and how we build the Web today.

Keeping the conference affordable for everyone is important to us. All tickets include two full single-track conference days, on Monday and Tuesday. Please note that only 300 seats are available.


We’ve invited excellent speakers who all have something to share, be it personal experiences or case-studies on large projects. We'd like to express a BIG "thank you" to all the following fantastic speakers for taking their time to share their experiences and knowledge at the Smashing Conference:

  • Addy Osmani
  • Andy Hume
  • Dan Mall
  • Dan Rubin
  • David Březina
  • Jason Santa Maria
  • Luke Wroblewski
  • Inayaili de León
  • Tim Kadlec
  • ...more speakers will be announced soon!

Smashing Workshops

By registering for a workshop while buying your conference ticket, you save 15% on the regular workshop ticket price. Here are the Smashing Workshops that will take place on September 11th, 2013:

Full-Day Workshop: Dan Rubin on "Design for User Experience"

Dan Rubin

It's clear now more than ever that building for the web, mobile, and other devices is akin to product design, not graphic design: Everyone involved is a member of a design team; our roles are design-centric regardless of our title. Most of us spend most of our lives creating wireframes that inform visual design, but what if you've never been involved in the visual design process? Let Dan take you through the process. Learn more...

Full-Day Workshop: Dan Mall on "Just My Type: Be The Typographer You Were Born To Be"

Dan Mall
Wanna take your type game to the next level? We’ll skip the basics and jump into the nuances of great typography: assessing what gives type personality, drawing type, choosing and pairing typefaces, comparing the classics to the new kids, and lots more. We’ll wrap up applying our new typographic superpowers to the web: evaluating webfont services to find the right one, the differences between typefaces, and using modern tools to take your type skills to the web. Type-rrific! Learn more...

Full-Day Workshop: Addy Osmani on "The Front-End Warrior Workshop"

Addy Osmani

Learn how to build highly maintainable web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks and a polished tooling workflow. Building a maintainable web app these days can be a challenging process. With over 30 frameworks available for structuring your JavaScript alone, any developer would be forgiven for feeling completely overwhelmed with where to start. Let Addy Osmani will take you on a day-long Front-End Warrior quest! Learn more...

Half-Day Workshop: Luke Wroblewski on "Mobile Input"

Luke Wroblewski
Being able to access content on mobile devices is only half the battle. People also need to participate. And since they're likely to have their mobiles with them all day, there's plenty of opportunities to capture their input. But how? You'll walk away with best practices and inspiration to optimize your sites and applications for input that allows your users to buy, communicate, register, and more! Learn more...

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