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The Smashing Library Subscription (80+ Quality eBooks)

Quick Overview

Smashing Library provides you with an immediate access to all Smashing eBooks, released in the past and in the future, including digital versions of our printed books. For a yearly fee of $99, you receive over 80 Smashing eBooks (PDF, 3 Mb) in one swoop—at a cost of just two cups of coffee a month. Not convinced yet? Check the free preview, and get some goodies, too!

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Full Product Description

Our eBooks cover a wide range of Web design-related topics:
– Front-end development (CSS, HTML5, JavaScript),
– Responsive Web design,
– Mobile design and iOS/Android app development,
– Psychology and UX design,
– Content Strategy and Copywriting,
– Typography and Design Legacy,
– Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks,
– Running a Web design business,
– WordPress,
...and much more!

You’ll receive a range of benefits with the subscription–immediate unlimited access to the complete Smashing Library with all published Smashing eBooks, including the Smashing Books 1, 2, 3, 3⅓, 4 and The Mobile Book being one of them. Our eBooks are written by experts in the industry and go through a comprehensive quality review check by invited professionals from the industry.

If you're a student and would love to have 50% off the regular Smashing Library price, all you need to do is scan your student ID card and send it to students [at] smashinglibrary [dot] com — you'll be hearing from us very soon!

Here's Why You Should Subscribe:

Further your knowledge with quality eBooks!
Receive the most valuable and useful articles on best design practices and coding techniques automatically every month. Our eBooks cover everything to help you improve your workflow today. Get better at your craft and stay up-to-date with curated, thoroughly edited content.

Save up to 70% off the regular prices!
You can save almost 70% on the eBooks compared to buying each eBook bundle separately. Save money and time since you get everything in one swoop! It’s worth it — we care about great experience for you.

Get immediate access to all existing and new eBooks. (PDF, ePUB, Kindle)
You don't have to go through the check out process for every eBook you'd like to have — just log into your dashboard and discover the latest releases ready for download! The eBooks don't contain ads and are DRM-free — available in PDF, EPUB and KINDLE — for your iPad, Kindle or any other eBook reader.

You support Smashing Magazine.
The high quality of the content on Smashing Magazine is held at the heart of what we do every single day. We are committed to making your reading experience on Smashing Magazine better in every possible way — calm, convenient and user-friendly — day by day. Thank you, your support means the world to us.

How Does It Work? Easy.

  1. Grab your subscription and set up your account on the go,
  2. As soon as your payment has been approved (usually immediately), follow the "My eBook Library" tab in your dashboard.
  3. Keep logging into the Smashing Shop to download the latest Smashing eBook releases waiting for you!

Well, that's it, really!

FAQ and Support

Of course, feel free to ping us any time if you have any questions on issues; @SmashingLibrary on Twitter works best! We'll be there and we aren't going anywhere! If you are interested in corporate or educational licenses or have any questions, please feel free to ask us on Twitter or via email at — we'd love to help you out!

No worries, no risk, no questions asked: if you decide to discontinue your subscription, just cancel it at latest four weeks before the end of your subscription. Don't worry: you'll still have access to your eBooks after the subscription is cancelled! You can always change your preferences in the dashboard. And if you do want to keep your subscription, no hassle: we'll renew your subscription automatically at the end of the year so you won't miss any eBooks.

You can find more details in the Subscription Terms and Conditions as well as in our Smashing Library FAQ. Or just ask us! We can't wait to see you around in the Library soon!

Customer Reviews (11)


Lots of good content

love the liberary and the books especially about coding and arcitecture


Posted on 9/30/14

Whimsy Collective:


Great collection! Although; it be great to have the all-in-one download of ebooks (pdf) grouped or sorted in folders. Hard to tell if the entire library downloaded.


Posted on 8/27/14



The smashing library is worth more than every web design or front-end programming related degree, way more.

These books usually pack the latest best-practice methods mixed with recent discoveries or novelties.


Posted on 8/12/14

Eutiquio "Tiq" Chapa:


This is great! Thanks!


Posted on 2/3/14

M. Jean-Joseph:

Very nice!

Gladly I stumbled upon this before buying seperate ebooks on Itunes. I love the style of these books, now I just need more time to read...


Posted on 5/2/13


Unbelievable bargain!

This is indeed a great offer if you´re thinking about purchasing several books and if you want to keep up with current developments. Very curious about whats yet to come this year!


Posted on 4/29/13


If i knew...

I just spent 88 Euros in Ebooks from Smashing Magazine ... like, 3 days ago. If i knew i would go with the subscription :(

Great idea from Smashing Magazine :)


Posted on 2/26/13

Erik Royall:

The best Magazine is up with the best books.

I recently received "The Mobile Book". That was awesome and I hope this will be 38X awesome. Worth reading.


Posted on 2/17/13


Most excellent

At last the bible for mobile design is here. Everyone in the studio is fighting for their turn, this will be an invaluable resource. Thankyou Smashing Mag!


Posted on 2/7/13


Great books, nice offer!

I already own Smashing Book #3 and was thinking about buying the mobile/coding bundle when I stumbled upon this offer.
Been reading (almost) nonstop eversince, loving it so far! Thanks Smashing!


Posted on 2/4/13

Taylor Black:

Perfect Resource for a Full Service Web Dev Company

I own and operate a web development company. This provides a vast store of wisdom for daily operations across the board.


Posted on 1/9/13

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