The Smashing Library Educational License

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  • The Smashing Library Educational License

The Smashing Library Educational License

Quick Overview

Web design is an ever-changing industry, and to keep getting better at your craft and stay up-to-date with what’s going on, you need to invest a lot of time and effort in getting reliable, good quality content. Wouldn’t it be great to receive the most valuable and useful eBooks (.pdf, 3 MB) on the best design practices and coding techniques automatically every month? Sign your institution up for Smashing's Educational License to get year-round access for students and educators to the industry's leading information source. The access is tailored to fit the needs of educational institutions by providing unlimited user keys and allowing indefinite downloads of all eBook formats.

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Full Product Description

In the fields of design and development, industry knowledge is key. All of Smashing Library's books on topics like Copywriting, Photoshop, Responsive Design and HTML, among others, are editorialized to a high publishing standard and are written by the professionals who employ these skills every day. Our efficient process means that students and teachers get the best advice and how-to information quickly!

While other resources may be out of date by the time it becomes available in the classroom, access to Smashing Library through your educational license will never go stale. Not only are we creating the most comprehensive industry source, but we're also releasing dozens of new books each year. Interested in a topic we haven't created? The Smashing Library aims to be responsive. Let us know about it and we'll make sure that your classroom has all of the resources necessary to ensure success.

Currently the Smashing Library already contains more than 50 Smashing eBooks as well as several titles by renowned third-party authors and keeps growing monthly.

Benefits of the Educational License:

Further student knowledge with quality eBooks – Receive access to the most valuable and useful articles on best design practices and coding techniques automatically every month. Web design is an ever-changing industry and companies have to stay ahead of recent developments. We want students and teachers to stay on top of recent techniques, best practices and new developments.

Decide on the topics of the next eBooks – Library users can vote on the topics of the upcoming eBooks and suggest topics that they would like to see covered next. Library users are the first to receive access to all new Smashing eBook publications — up to two weeks earlier than everyone else.

Immediate access to all existing and new eBooks – Students and staff can discover the latest and greatest bundles and immediately dive into the subjects they are interested in!

Easy content accessibility – We want our readers to have every eBook right where they need it, any time. That's why every member of the educational institution can download all eBooks at once in .zip-files containing all PDFs, EPUBs or KINDLE formats.

Hassle-free, easy login – The institution receives one simple, shared access that can be controlled centrally by the initial buyer. Managing the institutional access data anytime through your My Account screen in the Smashing Shop is easy.

You support the production of new content – The high quality of the content on Smashing Magazine is held at the heart of what we do every single day. We are dedicated to making your reading experience on Smashing Magazine better in every way — calm, convenient and user-friendly — day by day. We sincerely appreciate your support.

Here's How It Works

  1. Purchase the institutional license right here in the Smashing Shop, according to institutional size.
  2. Choose your mode of payment (credit card or PayPal) and set up a user account if you haven't already done so.
  3. As soon as your payment has been approved, the subscription tab in your Smashing Shop Dashboard will be activated.
  4. Log in to the Smashing Shop and discover the latest Smashing eBook releases!
  5. Make the login credentials available to staff and students or download all eBooks monthly to distribute them through the institutions intranet.
  6. Have fun reading!

FAQ and Support

If you have any questions concerning the Smashing Library, please feel free to ask us at @SmashingLibrary or via email at support [.at.] — we'd love to help you out!

We'll renew your subscription automatically at the end of the year so you won't miss any eBooks, but if you decide not to continue, just cancel the subscription at least four weeks before the end of your subscription. Don't worry: you'll still have access to your eBooks after the subscription is cancelled! You can always change your preferences in the dashboard. You can find more details in the Subscription Terms and Conditions as well as in our Smashing Library FAQ.

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