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Mobile Design Bundle (7 eBooks)

Quick Overview

These days it's crucial to take mobile devices into account when designing a website. Designers have to create engaging mobile experiences, with state-of-the-art design solutions for advanced mobile devices. This eBook Bundle offers everything you need to keep up in the mobile Web game.

Helpful articles on mobile Web design practices and iPhone apps, along with practical tips on design from Smashing Magazine’s professional authors, are complemented by insight into responsive Web design techniques and an exclusive study on mobile Web design trends. Get set to market your own mobile application; be aware of common visual and contextual mistakes, and avoid usability slip-ups that could cost you precious clicks.

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Full Product Description

This Smashing Bundle contains the following 7 eBooks:

Essentials of Mobile Design

Designing for Mobile can be very complex – it requires many skills such as programming, usability, typography, creating applications… all of this without forgetting the necessary ingredient of visual appeal. This eBook "Essentials of Mobile Design" will give you an overview of the basic features you need to know for designing beautiful and useful Mobile interfaces and apps.

Table of Contents

- Not Your Parent’s Mobile Phone: UX Design Guidelines For Smartphones
- Why We Shouldn’t Make Separate Mobile Websites
- How To Build A Mobile Website
- Making It A Mobile Web App
- A Study Of Trends In Mobile Design
- How To Market Your Mobile Application
- A Foot On The Bottom Rung: First Forays Into Responsive Web Development
- From Monitor To Mobile: Optimizing Email Newsletters With CSS
- How To Use CSS3 Media Queries To Create a Mobile Version of Your Website
- Creating Mobile-Optimized Websites Using WordPress

Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
Pages: 235
Language: English
Released: September 2012
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
ISBN: 978-3-943075-42-7

Mobile Design Patterns

Since the appearance of the smartphone and tablet computers, we are experiencing a boom in Mobile Design. And, as it happens with the development of new gadgets and technologies, some trends and patterns are already established. With this eBook "Mobile Design Patterns", you will learn the most important guidelines and strategies for Mobile Design, including solutions for forms, tap-ahead patterns and UX approaches.

Table of Contents

- The Elements Of The Mobile User Experience
- Picking A Mobile Support Strategy For Your Website
- Essential Design Patterns For Mobile Banking
- Seven Guidelines For Designing High-Performance Mobile User Experiences
- Useful Design Tips For Your iPad App
- A User-Centered Approach To Web Design For Mobile Devices
- Mobile Auto-Suggest on Steroids: Tap-Ahead Design Pattern

Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
Pages: 124
Language: English
Released: September 2012
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
ISBN: 978-3-943075-43-4

Designing For Android

If you intend to design for Mobile, you might have to pay attention to the democratic scenario that gives shape to this niche. Many developers are aware of this: by using the Android operating system to create apps, they acquire a huge market share. This eBook will guide you through the Android universe and help you to create interface designs for Android mobile gadgets.

Table of Contents

- Getting To Know The Android Platform: Building, Testing And Distributing Apps
- Designing For Android
- Designing For Android: Tips And Techniques
- Designing For Android Tablets
- Getting The Best Out Of Eclipse For Android Development
- Get Started Developing For Android With Eclipse
- Get Started Developing For Android With Eclipse, Reloaded

Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
Pages: 228
Language: English
Released: September 2012
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
ISBN: 978-3-943075-44-1

Designing for iPhone

With almost half of the smartphone market share, the iPhone is a concrete confirmation that it's worth it to be a vanguardist in technology. Designers that have familiarity with the Apple iOS are one step ahead in designing mobile interfaces. If you want do discover trends and special requirements that iPhone applications ask for, this eBook "Designing For iPhone" is a must.

Table of Contents

- How to Create Your First iPhone Application
- Web Development For The iPhone And iPad: Getting Started
- iPhone App Design Trends
- iPhone App Designs Reviewed: Critique Board and Lessons Learned
- iPhone Apps Design Mistakes: Over-Blown Visuals
- iPhone Apps Design Mistakes: Disregard Of Context
- Setting Up Photoshop For Web, App and iPhone Development
- Designing For iPhone 4 Retina Display: Techniques And Workflow
- Showcase of Designs Optimized for iPhone

Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
Pages: 234
Language: English
Released: September 2012
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
ISBN: 978-3-943075-45-8

Responsive Web Design

With this eBook, you will learn how to go from non-responsive layouts to optimized responsive mobile experiences. We're happy to present techniques to help you overcome outdated practices and set new defaults in your workflow — a new responsive design workflow.

Table of Contents

- How Much Has The Web Really Changed?
- Looking Beyond Common Media Query Breakpoints
- Logical Breakpoints For Your Responsive Design
- Preparing Websites For The Unexpected
- How To Maintain Hierarchy Through Content Choreography
- Towards A Retina Web
- Building A Better Responsive Website
- How To Make Your Websites Faster On Mobile Devices

Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
Pages: 116
Language: English
Released: May 2013
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454019-1
ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454020-7
ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454021-4

Designing Mobile Apps

This eBook provides you with some useful tips and tricks, regardless of whether you're taking your first steps in app design or looking to adopt some best practices from industry pros. Some step-by-step coding tutorials will take you by the hand, as will exciting new techniques that go beyond the usual.

Table of Contents

- A Guide To iOS App Development For Web Designers
- Get Started Writing iOS Apps With RubyMotion
- Mobile Prototyping With Axure RP
- Creating Realistic iPhone Games With Cocos2D
- Mobile Design Practices For Android: Tips And Techniques
- C-Swipe: An Ergonomic Solution To Navigation Fragmentation On Android
- Windows Phone Design For Developers
- A Field Guide To Mobile App Testing
- How To Succeed With Your Mobile App
Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
Pages: 170
Language: English
Released: May 2013
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454022-1
ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454023-8
ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454024-5

Responsive Web Design, Vol. 2

To help you prepare for the challenges of a more diverse device landscape as well as a growing number of mobile device users, this eBook provides an overview of valuable hands-on techniques, approaches and best practices to improve your responsive design workflow and skills.

Table of Contents

- Responsible Considerations For Responsive Web Design
- Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website
- Choosing A Responsive Image Solution
- Automate Your Responsive Images With Mobify.js
- Adapting To A Responsive Design (Case Study)
- Responsive Web Design With Physical Units
- Lightening Your Responsive Website Design With RESS
- Improve Mobile Support With Server-Side Enhanced Responsive Design
- Responsively Retrofitting An Existing Site With RWD Retrofit
- Making Advertising Work In A Responsive World

Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
Pages: 157
Language: English
Released: February 2014
Publisher: Smashing Magazine GmbH
ISBN (PDF): 978-3-94454061-0
ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-94454062-7
ISBN (KINDLE): 978-3-94454063-4

About Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to Web designers and developers worldwide. Its rigorous quality control and thorough editorial work has gathered a devoted community exceeding half a million subscribers, followers and fans. Each and every published article is carefully prepared, edited, reviewed and curated according to the high quality standards set in Smashing Magazine's own publishing policy.

Smashing Magazine publishes articles and eBooks on a regular basis with topics ranging from business, visual design, typography, front-end as well as back-end development, all the way to usability and user experience design. The magazine is — and always has been — a professional and independent online publication neither controlled nor influenced by any third parties, delivering content in the best interest of its readers. These guidelines are continually revised and updated to assure that the quality of the published content is never compromised.

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Customer Reviews (3)


I'm excited

What a bargain - these books look really promising! But why haven't you got any social sharing buttons on this site. Dont you want your happy customers to tell about this great offer ?!?


Posted on 9/11/13

J. Mast:

Simply the best

As many others, I neglected mobile design for quite some time until I couldn´t ignore it any longer. I read a lot of articles and books and these are by far the best I´ve come across.


Posted on 4/29/13


Lovely ebooks

I just stepped into the mobile design of my website. There were lots of considerations - these 4 books are the exact things which i require to design my own mobile website. Thank you smashing team for making the best mobile designing guide and all the ebooks are very affordable considering the quality of articles and simplicity of ebook design



Posted on 9/15/12

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